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Stack Max
Sale price: $329.00

Please see this excellent presentation by N6BV that explains clearly the benefits of stacking antennas and adjusting the stack with conditions.
micro STACK MAX™ is a microcontroller based push-button controller for micro STACK SWITCH™ or phasing boxes from other manufacturers .
micro STACK MAX™ features push-button operation or (remote) computer control and special user configurable operating modes, phasing and stacking: 
T/R - automatically switch antenna configurations between transmitting and receiving
BOP - put the stack out of phase for high angle paths
AUX (SO2R) - exclude one antenna from the stack and put it to the second radio
micro STACK MAX provides hot switch protection and its unique computer control (optional) it enables you to switch antennas in your stack with a single mouse click or by pressing a hot key on the computer keyboard. 
micro STACK MAX is available alone or in combination with microSTACK SWITCH and/or microINFO Panel in a configuration that best meets your needs and operating style.
Package includes:  micro STACK MAX™,  DC plug,  microHAM Device Configurator™ software on CD and PCCOM1 cable.  Control cable is not included.  See Application Note 29 for cable requirements.