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Stack Switch
Sale price: $449.00

micro STACK SWITCH™ is a rugged high power, remotely controlled antenna match and switch inside a waterproof housing.  micro STACK SWITCH can switch and match any combination of three (3) antennas to the radio main output and can switch any single antenna to the radio sub (aux) output.  micro STACK SWITCH can be installed in the shack or outside on the tower.
micro STACK SWITCH is available with optional microStack Max controller and/or micro INFO Panel status display in a configuration that best meets your personal needs and operating style.  
Available with UHF SO-239 connectors or N connectors.
Package includes:  micro STACK SWITCH™, double C-bolt for tower mounting and manual on CD.  Control cable is not included.  See Application Note 29 for cable requirements. 
Technical specifications:
micro STACK SWITCH™ provides an optimum match for both two (2) and three (3) antenna stacks.  micro STACK SWITCH™ automatically recognizes the number of antennas and choose the appropriate matching.
"Out of phase" stacks can be created by installing a (selectable) 180 degree (half wavelength) 50 ohm coax line for single band stacks or a broadband 180 degree transformer for multiband stacks between the WL/2 connectors.  "BOP" combinations are available using ANT 1 & ANT 2 or ANT 2 & ANT 3 as well as "middle out of phase" for the three antenna stack.  With no power applied, antennas 1, 2 and 3 are in phase.
Characteristic impedance: 50 ohm
Power handling: 3 KW
Relay drive voltage: 12V ( 9 to 16V ) positive to ground
Current consumption: 300 mA max.
Dimensions: W 220 mm (8,66") x H 103 mm (4") x D 120 mm (4.72")
Weight: 2,4 kg (5.29 lbs) without mounting bracket
Operating temperature range: - 35 to +70 °C (-30 to 150 F)