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Four + Four Switch
Sale price: $459.00

We can create a turnkey switching system for your multi-station setup.  Just e-mail us.  Take a look at our Eight Antenna - Three Radio installation for 4U1ITU or a switching matrix capable of handling up to ten antenna feeds and up to eight radios (or more).
micro FOUR+FOUR SWITCH™ is a rugged, high performance, high power, high isolation,  remotely controlled antenna switch.  The switch has two independent parts, each can handle one (1) antenna to four (4) radio outputs for Multi Single (M/S), Multi Two (M/2), or Multi-Multi contest setup.
Available with UHF SO-239 connectors or N connectors.

Package includes:  micro FOUR + FOUR SWITCH and double C-bolt for tower mounting.  Control cable is not included.  See Application Note 29 for cable requirements. 
each of two (2) independent antenna ports can be switched to one of four (4) radio ports on HF and 6meters
heavy aluminum case 4mm (158 mils) thick, IP 66 provides high level weather protection and RF proof capabilities
SO239 UHF or N teflon™ / gold pin connectors used
10kV surge strength, 16 Amp sealed relays
stub compensated microstrip PCB architecture assures lowest SWR and insertion loss from 1.8 to 60 MHz
built-in surge protection
compatible with all 12V source driver band decoders
top cover screws protected against loss (very useful at tower)
easy wall or tower assembling thanks to special galvanized heavy double C-bolt, which allows using various diameter of the tower tube
special "FIRST ONE WINS" logic
without power the antenna (common) ports are grounded (not to be used for lightning protection)
each device is individually trimmed and tuned for best performance