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Station Master
Sale price: $399.00
micro Band Decoder
Station Master replaces the popular microHAM Band Decoder.

Station Master is a one of a kind controller designed primarily for small to moderate stations with multiple antennas, a single rotator and/or a single SteppIR antenna.   Station Master provides a radio control (CAT) interface, automatic antenna switching, automatic band pass filter switching, selective SteppIR tuning, computer controlled rotator interface, interface for automatic power amplifiers, sequencer for receiving antennas and many additional unique features.  This device is an essential part of the station setup for every contester or remote station operator!
Station Master listens to the communication between radio and computer and extracts the necessary frequency information for antenna selection or amplifier band switching.  If the radio is not communicating with computer (computer is OFF or not connected), Station Master will poll the radio to acquire the needed information (capability to be available at the end of August 2008).  With Station Master you will never forget to switch one of many accessories when changing bands!  You'll be on the air with proper antennas, bandpass filters and other accessories before your competition - even if your computer locks up.
Station Master can interface directly to your transceiver, replacing a separate CAT interface and rotor controller or it can connect to a microHAM microKEYER II, or MK2R.   Station Master is the only band decoder that can automatically split an amateur band into as many segments as necessary and automatically control antenna tuning networks and is one of a very few band decoders able to acquire the exact frequency information from Icom transceivers and decode the WARC bands. 
Package contains:  Station Master™, miniDIN 6 to miniDIN 6 cable, RCA to RCA cable, coaxial 2.1/5.5mm power plug and CD-ROM containing microHAM USB Device Router and documentation.
Wired and tested radio control (CAT) cables are available on the in the CAT Cables area.  Wired and tested amplifier, inhibit and Yaesu Rotator interface cables are available in the Station Master Accessories area.
Need to control a large antenna farm or share resources across multiple operating positions?   Check out Station Master Deluxe.
Features and functions:
 • Twenty (20) programmable relay outputs
 • integrated level converter (similar to CI-V, IF-232, FIF-232) for communication between computer and radio, no additional interface required
 • Decodes all frequencies supported by the connected transceiver, including 75m, 60m, 6m, 4m, VHF and UHF
 • Unlimited number of custom defined frequency segments “bands”
 • Single USB connection to computer
 • Stand alone operation 
 • Internal Rotator control
 • Virtual Rotators function for automatic control of phased array systems 
 • Separate RX/TX antenna support - including RX only antenna swtiching
 • Proprietary SteppIR support with automatic tuning and protection
 • PS/2 keypad support for manual rotator or antenna switch control
Antenna Control:
 • Port A: 
   • Ten (10) programmable relay outputs
   • Selectable common source, common ground, external supply 
   • External supply to +24V maximum
   • Compatible with all remote antenna switches using common ground or positive control
 • Port B: 
   • Six (6) programmable relay outputs with selectable common source, common ground, external supply 
   • Four (4) programmable relay outputs with isolated contacts
   • External supply to +24V maximum
   • Compatible with all remote antenna switches using common ground or positive control
 • Any of 20 relays available for sequencer control 
 • Independent lead/tail time for each output
Rotator control:
 • Three (3) programmable relay outputs
 • Configurable support for BRAKE or SPEED control
 • Support for multi-turn rotators
 • Support for analog (pot) or discrete (pulse) azimuth iniddcators
 • Programmable software limits
 • Four azimuth memories
 • Automatic azimuth control from many logging programs
Amplifier control:
 • Automatic tuning for CI-V controlled amplifiers (Icom PW1, SPE Expert)
 • Automatic band switching for BCD controlled amplifiers
 • Inhibit support for QSK Amplifiers