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DXpedition Support

DXpedition Sponsorship Policy
 • The operation must consist of at least six full-time operators excluding support staff. 
 • The group or organization must have a web site promoting the DXpedition.  A list of all individuals participating must posted on the web site.  
 • The group or organization sponsoring the DXpedition must commit to equality for voice, CW and data (RTTY) modes.  It is expected that at each mode will receive equivalent amplifier/antenna and operator resources, have equal access to prime bands and operating hours to each of the world's major population centers and will represent at least 25% of total contacts.  
 • microHAM America does not provide "loaner" equipment.  However, DXpeditions may purchase equipment at a discount for their use.  The level of discount will be determined by the relative "need" of the entity, size of the operation, and whether microHAM, s.r.o. (the factory) will also be supporting the effort.   
 • Priority will be given to the top 10/25/100 most needed entities and to experienced organizers.   
DXpedition support generally requires a significant number of identical items - a substantial amount of normal stock - all requests must be received so that all arrangements can be complete  at least 60 days before the equipment is to be shipped to the coordination (packing) point to time to process a larger single item order.  Ideally, microHAM America would be consulted early in the planning process.