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About Us

microHAM™ is a company focused on producing unique, high performance devices for radio amateurs.

microHAM have strong experience in low level programming, the design of industrial electronic devices with microprocessor controls, and RF design. Since 2002 microHAM have produced devices for radio amateurs.
microHAM's developers are constantly working on new devices not currently available to the amateur market, on improving older models with new and/or enhanced features, and adapting existing products to changes in Amateur Radio technology or new operating modes.

microHAM America, LLC is an independent, master distributor of microHAM products in North and South America. We provide local support, stocking and warranty services to microHAM customers in all of North and South America.

If you are building a new station or expanding an old station,  please contact us.  We will be happy to assist you with the most inovative and advanced station control solutions available anywhere.  microHAM offers unique, flexible solutions to many of the “well known” problems facing amateurs at all levels.

Joe Subich, W4TV
microHAM America, LLC