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Band Decoder (discontinued) Support

microBAND DECODER™ (discontinuted) Files: 
Release date
28 August '03
29 Jan. '18
29 Jan. '18

microBAND DECODER Application Notes:

These Application Notes provide information on the typical use and special features of microHAM Band Decoder.   microHAM have discontinued development, manufacture, and support for microBand Decoder.  These files are provided "as is" for the benefit of those using Band Decoder or those for whom these notes might provide ideas for integration of other band decoders - particularly microHAM  Station Master in their operations.

    Transceiver connections: 
         Kenwood TS-450, 690, 850, 950 with serial port CW
         Kenwood TS-450, 690, 850, 950 with parallel port CW
         Kenwood TS-450, 690, 850, 859 with DSP-100 (requires RTS/CTS) 
         Kenwood TS-480, 570, 870, 2000 with serial port CW
         Kenwood TS-480, 570, 870, 2000 with parallel port CW
         All Icom HF Models with serial port CW
         All Icom HF models with parallel port CW
         Yaesu: all transceivers with DIN-8/262 Band Data jack and serial port CW 
         Yaesu: all transceivers with RS-232 (DB9) CAT jack and serial port CW 
         Yaesu: all transceivers with DIN6 (FIF-232) CAT jack
         Yaesu: all transceivers with MINIDIN8 band data 
         Yaesu: all transceivers with miniDIN6 (FIF-232) CAT jack
         micro Band Decoder and PC-LPT for radios without computer interface

         Comparison of Parallel vs. Serial Band Decoding

    Power amplifier connections
         microBand Decoder, Yaesu FL-7000 or VL-1000 and Antenna Switch
         microBand Decoder and ICOM IC-PW1 using CI-V band data
         microBand Decoder, ICOM IC-2KL or IC-4KL using analog 0-8V band data
Accessory connections
         Installing optional relay board into micro Band Decoder
         Using microBand Decoder and W5XD MK-1100 multi keyer™
    Compatible Antenna Switches:
        micro Band Decoder + Ameritron RCS8™
        micro Band Decoder + Ameritron RCS10™
        micro Band Decoder + Top Ten Devices 6 way™
        micro Band Decoder + WX0B Rat Pack™
        micro Band Decoder + WX0B Six Pack™

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